Supreme Linea Zero Toucan Lamp
Supreme Linea Zero Toucan Lamp
Supreme Linea Zero Toucan Lamp
Supreme Linea Zero Toucan Lamp

The lamp

Moved by a desire to experiment with new materials, Enea Ferrari created the Toucan lamp in 1970. It was the first children’s lamp of that kind produced with the then innovative polypropylene Moplen, a plastic material with excellent mechanical strength qualities. The lamp was born from the idea of representing a toucan in a linear and essential form but with really intense colors, capable of capturing the interest of children.

The Toucan lamp remained on the market for about 6 years and was very successful almost all over the world. After producing thousands of pieces under the Old Timer Ferrari brand, in 1973 the branding was changed from OTF to Linea Zero and the lamp was renamed Cocorì. Although in the mid-1970s the success of this lamp waned, half a century later the Toucan lamp has returned to extraordinary success among lovers of modern antiques and vintage products.

In 2024, Linea Zero’s collaboration with Supreme lays the groundwork for the lamp’s long-awaited return, presented in a brand new version with integrated LED, USB-C input for power supply and touch on/off.

Lampada Tucano - Toucan lamp - Linea Zero
Supreme/Linea Zero Toucan Lamp

The designer

Enea Ferrari was born on July 9, 1938, in Verona, Italy. Already during his childhood, he manifested an aptitude for creativity, beginning to make his own small toys. Manual dexterity and craftsmanship have always characterized his achievements: in fact, he often spent entire days in the workshops of artisan friends to learn the tricks of the trade and make them his own. All the products made by Enea were handmade at the prototype stage and then mass-produced.

After a life dedicated to work, Enea spent his last years together with his life partner Corinna, never completely abandoning his innate passion for researching shapes in his small workshop at home. On October 23, 2020, Enea Ferrari passed away at the age of 82.

Enea Ferrari - designer italiano

The company

Linea Zero is an interior lighting company founded in Verona in 1973 by Enea Ferrari. The company’s history actually has its roots even earlier, in 1964, when Enea himself founded Old Timer Ferrari (OTF) together with his father. The company specialized in the production of objects, accessories and plastic lighting.

Later, the focus was shifted entirely to the production of children’s lamps. It was at this point that the now anachronistic name changed from OTF to Linea Zero. In its 50-year history, the company has evolved considerably and now mainly produces contemporary and functional design-oriented lamps. Linea Zero’s products are entirely Made in Italy: this, in addition to enhancing the territory, allows the company to closely follow the entire production process.

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