It is normal to think about how to clean lamps made of Polilux™ or methacrylate. Usually a dusting with a feather duster is sufficient but sometimes a deeper cleaning is necessary. If you follow the advice in this article step by step, you won’t go wrong!

Given the composition of the materials, it is not always obvious how to clean Polilux™ and methacrylate lamps properly. Often it is natural to use abrasive detergents or rough sponges, but these materials can be seriously damaged by doing this. As a result, defects may appear on the lamps. Furthermore, in the case of methacrylate, the appearance of the lamp will be duller.

How to clean lamps in a few steps

First of all, the amount of dirt on the lamp should be checked. One of the most common mistakes is to apply more household cleaning product than necessary. Unfortunately, this can lead to damage to the properties of the material.

Depending on the amount of dirt present, Linea Zero recommends the following operations for the correct cleaning of the products:

  • If only dust has settled, it is sufficient to use an ordinary static duster;
  • If the lamp is dirty on the surface only simply wipe it gently with a soft cloth dampened with water. Circular movements should be avoided when carrying out this operation: if your lamp is made of methacrylate these may cause scratches on the surface of the material;
  • If the material has more complex stains, a mixture of water, detergent and glass cleaner can be applied. After disassembling the lamp, the water can be allowed to run over the object for a few minutes. This will immediately remove at least some of the dirt;
  • Avoid products containing ammonia or alcohol, especially if the lamp is made of methacrylate.
Come pulire le lampade in Polilux
How to clean lamps made of Polilux™ or methacrylate

How to clean lamps: the final steps

After having explained how to clean our lamps, our last advice is to always dry the product. Wiping the lamp with a soft cloth on its surface will prevent stains caused by humidity.

In addition, for lamps made of methacrylate (commonly known as Plexiglas or PMMA), when the surface is completely dry, you can apply a product to give it a shine. In this way, the material will shine as it did when it was purchased.

The properties and advantages of Polilux™

Thanks to continuous research, Linea Zero has developed a special material that combines aesthetics with efficiency and practicality. Polilux™ is an eco-friendly technopolymer that gives products a luminosity equal to that of glass, offering many other advantages. The collections produced with this material are in fact:

  • light;
  • flexible;
  • unbreakable;
  • antistatic;
  • very versatile.

But that’s not all. Thanks to its special composition, Polilux™ is non-toxic, highly resistant to light and weathering and does not yellow over time. It is also highly resistant to solvents and household cleaning products.


The strong impact of methacrylate

A selection of Linea Zero lamps is made of methacrylate, a very clear material that is perfect for being exposed to light. In addition, special cleaning products make it resistant to dust. Finally, it boasts greater transparency than glass, but with much reduced fragility.

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    Marian Verbruggen

    04 03 2023

    Hi, I have just purchased some of your lamps for our new house. They look amazing!
    We bought 3 lamps of the model “flat”.
    They are too long. We would like to make them shorter. Do we just cut off and “strip” the cord?
    Or should we leave it as is and roll up to a bundle?

    Please let me know.


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      Linea Zero

      06 03 2023

      Hello and thank you for your request. First of all we have to point out that maintenance and installation must be made by qualified staff. That said, in order to help you please specify the diameter (e.g. FLAT/S/70) of the “Flat” lamps you purchased. We look forward to your reply and we are very happy to read that you like our products!

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