TIMELINE: the history of Linea Zero



The Toucan lamp patented by Old Timer Ferrari (OTF) is the first children’s lamp made from the then innovative polypropylene Moplen.


1975 is the year of expansion in Europe. France, Germany, Austria and Belgium became the main target markets. In 1980, Linea Zero expanded overseas, conquering the US market.

1984 - 1988

In 1984, Linea Zero acquired the licence to produce lamps dedicated to the famous cartoon The Pink Panther. In 1985, the company conquered the Asian market by launching a lamp inspired by the British Red Phone Box. Three years later, Linea Zero started to produce and distribute lamps dedicated to the popular cartoon Snoopy.

1993 - 1995

The Biplano lamp was born. It immediately becomes the company’s best-selling product. Also in 1993, Linea Zero closes an agreement for the production and distribution of lamps dedicated to Disney characters. In 1995, Enea Ferrari designs Dromos, a punctual and easily adjustable light source. This lamp represents one of Linea Zero’s first attempts to probe the design-lighting market, after having already established itself in the world of children’s lamps.

1998 - 2000

Linea Zero focused on expansion into Arab countries and, in the same year, launched the Veliero lamp on the market. In 2000, the company began producing and distributing a series of lamps dedicated to Looney Tunes, the famous Warner Bros characters.


Enea Ferrari designed the Helios collection, a family of iconic products that represents the history of Linea Zero. Initially known as Dilemma, it still remains one of the bestsellers in the company’s catalogue.

2015 - 2016

In 2015, Enea Ferrari designed the Cloud collection. With a design as soft as clouds, Cloud has an elegant and refined shape, with a great evocative effect. In 2016, Linea Zero is present at Light+Building with its own stand, presenting Lazer and Rose.

2017 - 2019

Linea Zero introduces the Outdoor collection, also publishing a small dedicated catalogue. In addition, the company carries out important customised projects and introduces the possibility of requesting large, non-standard lamps. Thanks to the contribution of young designers such as the aforementioned Manuel Barbieri, Matteo Agati, brothers Elia and Giuseppe Pinna, Elena Trevisan e Aldo Deli, new collections are presented from year to year.

2020 - 2022

After the pandemic and the passing away of founder Enea Ferrari, Linea Zero’s history in recent years has been characterised by an ever-growing commitment to enhancing its craftsmanship tradition and Made in Italy. All this without forgetting the focus on sustainability, embodied in the ZERO WASTE concept.


Linea Zero turns 50 years old.


Linea Zero’s collaboration with Supreme lays the groundwork for the Toucan lamp’s long-awaited return, presented in a brand new version with integrated LED, USB-C input for power supply and touch on/off.